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Wallet Setup

Klever is a simple, powerful, smart and secure crypto wallet. To access our tiers, you must first setup and fund your wallet. 

Available for all iPhone & Android Devices

What is TRON?

Founded by Justin Sun in 2017, Tron is a platform that allows developers to write decentralized apps. It is very similar to Ethereum and EOS, though its founders claim that it is more scalable and cost-effective than the alternatives. Tron uses the TRX token to power its platform. A delegated Proof of Stake model is used to decide who can add blocks to the Tron blockchain (i.e. mine TRX). Users can stake part of their funds in order to vote who they want to mine the next block. Unlike Proof of Work that requires a lot of electricity, PoS is much more cost-effective.

Step 1 – Locate your Tron Address

Once you have your Klever wallet setup, you’ll need to get obtain your Tron wallet address. A Tron address is a long string of letters and numbers that starts with a T. Here’s an example:


Open Klever > Select TRX > Click on the icon (top right corner).

You can also obtain your address by selecting “Receive” in the second photo below.

Step 2 – Where to acquire TRON

Buy Tron through ChangeNOW.io

ChangeNow.io supports more than 10,000 currency pairs and the list is constantly growing. Select TRON (TRX) and send it to your Tron wallet address your grabbed from step 1 above.

Step 3 – Put your Tron to work!

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